Enough is Enough: Inspired by Michelle Obama’s Powerful Speech

I watched Michelle Obama’s Enough is Enough speech and I found my voice. Three years of studying sexuality to help understand both why my sex drive came back as well as the mentality of my abuses and what is needed to change things, is finally paying off. While I’ve discovered that many more men in the kinky community understand respect and consent, there is a whole lot of vanilla men who just don’t get it. I’m spending a lot of time writing long messages to men on Facebook who say women are over-reacting and that “it really can’t be as bad as you all are saying”. But that’s just it. We all are saying it. Women I’ve known since high school are sharing their deeply hidden secrets. Not just a few either, a whole lot of them. In most cases, I’ve never heard these stories, and I’ve been shocked and saddened by them. One right after another keeps posting, “it happened to me too”, or “I’m a member of this club as well.” Maybe this is the catalyst we needed to enact change. Maybe we needed someone so bad and evil that it finally woke people up. I know it’s going to be an uphill battle for four reasons.

1. Christians have had control over people’s thoughts, beliefs and actions for 15 years. Now, in this country, Christians are at a minority, at just 45% saying they are religious and Christian. This is going to make them fight even harder for their way of life, with the war on Christmas being a central theme. They still want to blame all of the world’s woes on Muslims, Atheists, Pagans and Gays.

2. The white race in this country has always been the controlling, dominate race, who basically outnumbered blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and middle eastern races. That is changing, not only with more non-white citizens, but mixed race citizens growing fast.

3. Straight people have also been the primary group, with LGBT being considered second class citizens, who were suppose to stay in the closet and was the butt of jokes and slurs. With Gay Pride and Same Sex Marriage legal, and relationships like polyamory becoming more main stream, that is shifting as well. Although there is still discrimination, gender identity is becoming more accepted.

4. Men.. and this is the biggest one. Even before Christianity, in most societies, men made the rules and women were considered property, except for some cultures like the Norse, Celtic, some Asian, many African and a few Native American which were either equal in rights or female led. So basically 3,000 years of men being in charge. Since women had no rights and were bought and sold, men thought they had the right to use them as they wished. The Christian church adopted that and capitalized on it, making women sex slaves. Now, this is completely different than the power exchange given by consent in BDSM. While my Dom owns me, it’s by my own choice, not because I was forced to do so by my father, society or the church. Unfortunately , the vanilla world just doesn’t get that. How much easier it would be if those who want to be Dominate could do so by consent with someone who wants to submit, instead of forcing it by demand. I’ve read dozens of articles that say kinky sexual relationships are healthier because of the high level of communication, respect and consent.

Now you put all four of these together; white, Christian, straight men, with a sense of righteous entitlement, and you have Donald Trump and men like him who follow his every word. Unfortunately, you also have browbeaten women who gush about how wonderful he is because they have never been allowed to think for themselves. In everything I’ve read, from both sides, both pro-Trump and anti-Trump, it appears that women are voting for him because their father, husband or boyfriend is, and they either are told to do so or want to impress the man in their life.

These men are not going to take a loss lightly. They will blame everyone from Hillary Clinton to Satan to gays to Muslims/Blacks/Hispanics to all women. And they will retaliate.. with using the guns that Trump has assured them they have the right to use on anyone they don’t like or who doesn’t agree with them, to assaulting women and girls and every other men, because they simply have the right to have sex with anyone they want. Trump wants to “punish” everyone; women who have abortions, media who say things that he doesn’t like, other countries by limiting imports of food and gas, and threatening other countries unless they bow down to Emperor Trump.

Now if my Dom came up and grabbed my pussy, I wouldn’t have a problem with that… at all!! But that’s because I have given myself to him. He has control over my body, my sexuality and my orgasms because I want that. But if Trump came up and tried that, he would have to have his tiny hands holding his tiny dick after I kicked him in the balls and shoved my cane up his ass.


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