Submission Is a Choice


If anyone had told me four years ago that I would be embracing this lifestyle, and would willingly want to be naked and kneeling before a Dominant man, I would have said they were crazy.

I was the alpha in most cases.. the one in charge, the controlling the show, although usually behind the scenes. I didn’t want the attention, I wanted to be the one making the decisions. I was and am I Feminist. Being submissive to me, was like being a doormat. Or so I thought.

I started talking to a friend who told me she was a submissive and at the time I questioned her sanity. She was also like me.. a controlling alpha female. She was a college professor in technology that was mostly a man’s world. And they were all listening to her and doing what she told him to do. So I was very surprised when she told me that she was a sexual submissive to her husband. At the time I didn’t understand what all that meant so she gave me some things to read.

I was enthralled!!

And suddenly, I understood and realized this is not only what I needed, but what I wanted. My friend told me that when she is the one who has to make all of the decisions all day long, it’s such a relief to let someone else make those decisions, including if and when she will have orgasm that night and how. I recently talked to a man who is a judge during his vanilla daytime life and a sexual submissive during is off hours kinky life. He voiced the very same sentiment.

I figured at my age, this was something I would only be able to experience from afar… with reading erotica and watching porn, since everything I read and saw showed mostly male Doms and female subs and all the subs I saw and read about were young, thin, with big tits. Well, I have the big tits okay, but the young and thin ship sailed long ago.

So I was surprised when an old friend started talking to me about sex, and then about D/s and wondered if I would like to try it out with him. I did and I haven’t looked back.

I now have a different Dominant, one who treats me with respect and honors my intellect, but still sees me as a sexy slut, one he calls his precious slut. And I call him Master.








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