Belly Buttons, Body Appreciation and Age

I read Molly’s blog post today and related to it so much, I posted a comment that I thought I would repost here.

This is Molly’s:

This was my response…

I kind of laughed at this and kind of cried because I can relate to this so well…. And then I had to look; do I even have a belly button? Yes, I think it’s in there somewhere…


I am old.. I am round… I have a big belly… and I just the opposite of firm, perky tits.. long saggy boobs.

I’ve spent most of my life hating my body. Being told I’m not good enough because I didn’t and don’t look like my mother. I finally gave up.

I’m trying now to appreciate my body for what it is.. I may not be a model.. never have been and never will be. I cannot go back in time and be 16 again, I have to accept that I’m now 66. My body has conceived six children, given birth to two and buried one. I’ve survived a car accident, cancer three times and drug addiction and I’m still breathing, so I guess I was meant to be here.

I would love to get my navel pierced.. but who would see it? Could I even see it?

I’d love to get my labia pierced, but what would their reaction be of an old (would they see ‘elderly’) woman who makes this request?

But few things that I’ve learned recently…

* We all are different, and just because porn and tumblr show all sexy women as thin and young, it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that people find attractive.

* There are people who get turned on by bodies that look like mine.

* And 66 is not too old to be horny and sexually active.





2 thoughts on “Belly Buttons, Body Appreciation and Age

  1. Thank you so much for the amazing comment. I think if you want to get your belly button pierced you should totally do it or like me maybe start with getting your nosed pierced. I love my nose ring so much. And you are absolutely right about bodies, such a shame main stream media warp our views on that so much



    1. Thanks, Molly… you just might inspire me to do that. I’m not sure about the nose ring, although I have thought about it. Right now I’m hoping to get my first tattoo. Maybe that will be a main project for the new year.


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