“Butt Plugs”

I remember the first time I heard about butt plugs. It was in a novel I was reading… actually two novels and in both stories, the main character said “no way!!”

Anal play is one of those taboo subjects for most people. Most men say no… thinking it’s only what gay men do, although the idea of anal sex with a woman is often high on their bucket list. Most women say no too.. especially if they are reluctant to even have oral sex, which I was for a long, long time. I realized that both anal sex and oral sex were sexual activities that I knew very little about and had been “trained” to reject simply because they didn’t add to reproduction. Sexual pleasure had no place in the church, especially for women.

Once I rejected those religious teachings, I started learning about the sexual activities that I had been warned away from to find out what made them so “evil”. I honestly couldn’t find any reasons. While most gay men engage in anal sex, they are far from the only ones. I’ve talked to many men and women who enjoy being plugged and pegged. I read everything I could about how anal play can created mind-blowing orgasms because of the different nerve endings in the anus. That was enough to get me interested.

When I finally broke down and bought my first butt plug, it was labeled as a “mini”. Okay, I thought, I can do that. Mini isn’t so bad. I ordered it online and it arrived about a week later, and when I opened it up, my mouth dropped open. This was their idea of a mini??? Jeez, how big is a regular size?????

I spent several weeks just looking at it until finally my Dom got annoyed and said.. “eventually you are going to have to put that thing up your ass…”

Yeah, yeah, I know… grumble, pout, groan..

So one night when I felt unusually brave, I stripped, pulled out the plug and the lube, looked at the plug, looked at myself in the mirror, looked at the plug and took a deep breath. “You can do this!” I told myself.

It was a pretty blue silicone butt plug… soft, silky, flexible. I dropped a couple of drops of lube on the tip of the plug and swirled a dab around my butt hole with my finger and took another deep breathe and pushed it in my hole. I remember reading that if you push down on your sphincter muscles, like when taking a dump, it helps the muscle to relax, like when taking a dump. So I did that and the plug popped in. Wow!! That wasn’t bad at all!! It wasn’t painful either. The muscles around my anus clamped around the neck of the butt plug and held it there. Kind of…. As long as I didn’t move.

When I tried to walk, it slipped back out and I pushed it back in. And then it slipped back and I pushed it back in. I found that the only way to keep it in was to sit on it. So that’s what I did.

Eventually I moved up in size in butt plugs, after I decided this one was much easier than I imagined. I ordered a set of three in graduating sizes; same material but in a pretty pink color. Hey, I have an imagine to uphold!!

The next size.. the “regular” size was okay… I adapted to it fairly easy. The next one was a bit of a struggle and it wouldn’t stay in at all unless I ‘sat on it’…. and the biggest one? No fucking way was that thing going up my ass! I never did try it, but it did work fairly well as a small dildo!!

I fi1glassplugnally realized that it was the material that was the problem. I read up on metal and glass plugs. The metal princess plugs with the crystal on the end was pretty. I considered that. But something about the clear glass plugs called to me, so I ordered one. I was pretty excited to try as soon as it came and… NIRVANA!!!

It felt great. It stayed in, even while walking around, and it made me feel oh so submissive. Of course you couldn’t see it very well.. between it being clear and my big heart shaped ass…. But it was enough to know it was there.

Since then I have purchased another one.. a larger clear class butt plug. It doesn’t stay in as well as the smaller one and it took some stretching and getting use to it, but it feels amazing.


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