Getting Pissed

I only told two people at first that I had been uncollared and released by my Master. One was a woman that I had befriended on Fetlife. I knew she would understand, she had found herself in a similar situation and she was very supportive when I told her. The other was a guy, also on Fetlife, that I had been talking to for over a year. I thought I could trust him to be understanding, not only about being unowned, but also the depressing state of the country and the world. I discovered I was wrong.

He told to not “fret” about things I couldn’t control and told me to go and put on my tack bra… that would make me “happy”!

When I read that, I was pissed, outraged, livid…

This was my response…

Don’t fret?? Seriously? Who do you think I am? Some airhead doormat without a brain? Can’t control it? Did you happen to see the woman’s march this weekend?

We can and we will make a difference. I am not about to sit back and allow some egotistical misogynist bully like Donald Trump take my rights and those of my children and grandchildren away.

I am a highly educated, articulate, vocal control freak in my own right. I am a feminist. I am a submissive by choice, not because it’s demanded or commanded of me. DH understood this and encouraged me to stand up for what was right, and I will continue to do so. It took a strong man to be with me, and he was, because I am a strong woman. I’m told that all the time.

Don’t fret??? Really? Let me tell you why I will not only fret, but fight back.

I have a four year old nephew who was born with half a heart. The medication that keeps him alive is paid for by medicaid because it’s incredibly expensive. The doctor’s have already told his parents that once medicaid is eliminated, their son will most likely die, and they need to prepare for that. I know what it’s like to bury a child. You never get over it. You don’t think they are “fretting”?

I worry about my two granddaughters.. ages 18 and 15. Trump has pretty much declared open season all girls and women and there are stories galore of women and girls being assaulted and raped because “Trump has made it legal..” Now he is taking away birth control and abortion, so my granddaughters have no say over who has sex with them or if they want to have a child. It’s being made for them.

I worry about my grandson. Trump is planning on building a huge military presence. Where to you think the troops for his army is going to come from? Do you seriously think kids will lining up to join his “people’s army”???? They will be drafted!!! Not only boys, but girls as well. And not only kids. I have a friend who is retired army and he told me that the government can call them all back to active duty anytime it wants.

I worry about my friends who are non-Christians, including me. Trump claims to be a Christian, but he is anything but. He is pandering to the Christian right and has called for things like a registry for Muslims (and Jews), denying voting rights to atheists and Christians and indicated that Christianity could become the state religion.. much like Islam is in some Middle Eastern countries. His education secretary pick doesn’t believe in public schools, only charter schools, as well the only acceptable subjects to be taught are religion (Christian of course) and creationism, no science or history and only just enough reading and writing and math to be considered literate.

Do you want me to go on????

I am not some “little” dependent on a Daddy Dom who can be told to go play with her toys and that will make her happy.

I realize that you are coming from male entitlement, so you haven’t a clue as to what it’s like to be a woman, whose religion is being threatened, whose life is being threatened because of her age and size. Those don’t affect you so why should YOU fret? But it does me and I will. And I will get angry. And I will scream and yell. And I will protest. And I will fight back!!

One last thing.. don’t you ever be condescending to me again.






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