Erotic Novels about D/s


I enjoy reading erotic novels about D/s, but it seems like they all use the same character and plot model. The Dom is always male, handsome, powerful, controlling and rich. The submissive is always female, young, thin, beautiful, nerdy, innocent, naive, sweet and not rich. It seems like the Dom is the one who teaches the sub about the BDSM lifestyle, not expecting to fall in love with her, but when she gets injured (and it seems like they all get shot, kidnapped, run over, or something), he realizes that he just can’t live without her. They get married, push out a couple of kids, and live happily ever after in a large mansion that includes a kinky playroom.

Maybe I’m not finding the right books, but I’d love to read one where the rich owner of the company is an intelligent, older blond woman who is introduced to the BDSM by a hunky slightly younger male assistant. She is a alpha female control freak who just gets tired of the responsibility and craves the ability to hand control over to a stronger male. Enter hunky male assistant.

I would also love to read a book where both the Dom and sub are in their sixties, still hot for sex, interested in trying new things, but dealing with disabilities that limits some activities. How would they work around that? Actually, I’m working on a story outline for this one myself.

It seems like all Doms and subs in these book are so perfect!! Gorgeous. Healthy. Money galore. At least the sub in the book I’m currently reading as a bad knee, but that’s about as disabled as anyone has been so far.

Do authors write “perfection” because that’s what we wish we were? Much the same way that in porn all of the actors are beautiful, thin, sculpted, and the women all have enormous tits and perfectly colored, hairless pussies? Could both of these be the reason why so many of us who don’t fit thess descriptions feel so insecure?


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