Seduction, Witches & Long Hair.

When I first started investigating Paganism and Witchcraft, one of the first things I heard was the stories about witches and long hair. I had actually heard this when I was a devout practicing Christian, and it was why many Christian denominations insist that woman cover their bodies and their hair.

This article posted on Elephant Journal reminded me of that. My hair has always been long, since I was a child. Only a few times have I cut it short, but it never stayed that way very long, because my hair tends to grow quickly. Or it use to. This is my hair before I had cancer and chemo and went bald for a year. It’s taken 6 years for it to grow back and sadly, it’s no longer this thick.


When I turned my back on the church and embraced being a witch, I also embraced the idea of sexuality and being sex-positive as well and taught my daughter the lessons I wished I had learned when I was her age. She also embraced a form of Paganism, although not wanting to give up her Christian beliefs, so she became a Christian-Wiccan. But she did reject the notion of “saving herself” for marriage and I’m very glad she did. She fell in love with a boy and, being very responsible, she entered into a sexual relationship with him. Because we were very close, she told me, in detail, about her sex life. I shared this story with others and have been soundly criticized for it. “How could a loving mother encourage her daughter to have sex before marriage!!” Man, those Christian guilt-trips are alive and well, aren’t they?

I don’t believe in the concepts of “virginity” or “pre-marital sex”. Virginity is an idea that mankind created to control the actions of others, especially women, because a “virgin” was suppose to hold more value as a wife. Bullshit. This is male fantasy at it’s worst. And it’s not “pre-marital sex” if you never get married!!

For my daughter, that was the case. She died 6 months after turning 16. I’m glad she had the opportunity to experience sexual bliss and having orgasms. She already missed out so many other things.. graduation, college, her wedding (if she chose to do so), children one day. To deny her the chance to experience sex just because she wasn’t married seemed very unfair. And I know people who got married just so they could have sex and they were/are not happy. Why should one have anything to do with the other?

So as we both learned about Witchcraft and sex. we both opened our minds and horizons to the possibilities that both held for us. I wish she was still here to share these new things I’m learning. I have no doubt she would be a kinky little witch too.


Witches often face the same kinds of discrimination that sexually active women face….

“Every year, thousands of women around the world (if not more) are accused, harassed, humiliated, paraded around naked, and killed for being “witches”. From the African Congo to parts of India, New Guinea, and Saudi Arabia (where witchcraft is still legally punishable by death), innocent herbal healers and doctors, midwives and mothers, are being violently murdered for their “witchcraft”.

These women belong to all socio-economic status and levels of education, yet, they are senselessly killed because they turned down the advances of men. Or their crops mysteriously yielded a greater harvest than those of their neighbors. Or because they cured someone who was believed to be on the verge of death. Or they accurately anticipated a storm, or the sex of an unborn child, or had become the target of envy in their village.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a murdered woman’s only “crime” was that she was just too beautiful. The kind of beauty that imbibes luscious powers of seduction so tempting and irresistible they must be the result of sorcery, spell-casting or witchy potions. What else could it be, right? Feminine lure is the product of evil. So let’s destroy it.”

“They say when a witch lets her hair loose, she unleashes tornadoes and hurricanes, and causes comets to fly through the sky and volcanos to erupt. The middle ages were full of such beliefs, residue from the ancient world, when women followed the apostle Paul. He warns us in his epistle to the Corinthians that a female’s head should be covered, lest the mischief of lusty demons be fueled by her beautiful, long hair.”

Witches are exciting emblems of sexual might and magic.

They honor and respect erotic energy in themselves, those around them, and the universe. Witches stand in opposition to puritanical fears that encourage the repression of our natural sexuality, representing rebellion, and freedom. Witches wear their natural beauty without shame or inhibitions. Witches let their hair fly wild and free.”

Seduction, Witches & Long Hair.


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