Pony Play


It’s taken me a long time to get into the idea of pet play, of any kind. I still can’t deal with the idea of being someone’s pet pig or cow… but the idea of a kitten or pony has suddenly become appealing to me. I think it all started from butt plugs with tails. At first I thought that was even ridiculous, but the more I thought about them and looked a pictures of them, the more I liked the idea. I did like butt plugs in general and I thought the idea of tail too might be fun. It helped having my then Dominant tell me that I’d look adorable wearing a tail and a collar and leash and nothing else.

So of course, the pony’s tail butt plug would be the first thing I’d want to get, with a collar and leash second. And pony’s need a halter, a bit (in this case a bit gag) and nipple clamps with bells attached. Because this is all just for show… instead of blinders, a black satin blindfold.

Yes, I think I could get into this.


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