Women Are Embracing Their Bushes

I found this article (Bushes) interesting because I’ve always had a bush. Granted, not much of one now, after I lost all of the hair all over my body to cancer and chemotherapy, but at least I now have hair….

I’m a bit of an exhibitionist so I don’t have any problem showing bits and pieces of my body online, but when I posted this one on Fetlife, I got a rude comment from a “guy” (I will not call him a man) asking, “what, you don’t have razors in Seattle?”

I thought of all kinds of rude retorts to respond with, but in the end I just deleted his comment.

But it bugged me to think that too many men think that all women should have naked pussies. The only time my pussy was naked was when I was in the middle of cancer and it triggered childhood trauma of molestation and rape, so, sorry I don’t equate my naked pussy with erotic arousal and being sexy. If others do, that’s great for them, it doesn’t mean we all are required to do so.

Fortunately, I have had Doms who appreciate my natural style and has never requested or demanded that remove my pubic hair. Would I, if they had? I’m not sure, that would have to be a point of negotiation on the part of our dynamic with a whole lot of discussion.

But I’m glad that women now are deciding for themselves and not being dictated to my pornography. Now, I love porn… but I don’t let it tell me how I should live anymore than I let religion tell me how to live. I try to learn about the pros and cons of all things and decide from that. I do understand the pros of shaving and waxing my pubic area and maybe sometime I will try both. But I’m also basically lazy, so I like to late nature take it’s own course. I also question men who demand that the woman in their life be hairless from the neck down… yes, yes, yes… I understand the distaste of getting hair in your mouth during oral sex.. not my favorite thing either… but I think it’s worth it. Part of my bias about men who only want women hairless is simply my own opinion about what they might want… not really a woman, but essentially a little girl. And I’m so not that. I can understand if this is part of a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship and it’s a consensual agreement on the part of both people. But it’s the men that often approach or message me and shortly after saying “hello” start making demands that I shave or wax immediately to please them. How having them accept me the way I am to please me?



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