Bucket List

These are some of the things on my bucket list, which I call my fuckit list…

1. Start a sex blog (I have just started doing this and this is it!!)

2. Dance naked in the rain

3. Sunbathe nude

4. Visit a nudist beach

5. Get genital piercings on my labia

6. Decorate my tits with glitter gels, rhinestones and jewels glued on

7. Get a Brazilian waxing done at least once.

8. To be able to kneel (I have bad knees so it’s unlikely this will ever happen, but I can still dream)

9. Write an erotic novel

10. Get a butt plug with a tail

11. Wear a remote-controlled vibrator to dinner or a party

12. Get a chastity belt with built in dildo and butt plug

13. Get a new webcam so I can be more of an exhibitionist than I already am

14. Be restrained on a St. Andrews cross and whipped.

15. Increase my collection of nipple clamps

16. Be locked in a cage

17. Sex with three men so all of my holes are filled at once

18. Buy a vaginal jade egg and be able to keep it in and swing it back and forth

19. Cook and serve dinner completely nude

20. Go to a munch

21. Go to a BDSM club or play party

22. Try different kinds of gags

23. Make my own flogger

24. Wear my butt plug all day

25. Try anal beads

26. Be led around with a collar and leash

27. Try a light version of pony play: (bridle, bit, butt plug tail)

28. Try age play and being a little… maybe with diaper, pacifier, little dress, color books and cartoons.. not my usual interest, but I am curious.

29. Buy some sexy and revealing lingerie

30. Wear thigh high stockings and nothing else

31. Buy a corset

32. Wear pussy jewelry

33. Make a new tack bra

34. Be tied up with rope

35. Be hogtied

36. Make pervertables sex toys

37. Buy a steel butt plug (the ones I have now are all glass)

38. Try figging

39. Be in a slave auction


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