Beautiful and Sexy

I don’t often feel beautiful and sexy. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that anyone finds me desirable. I grew up believing that only tall, thin “girls” with perky breasts, worthy of being a Playboy centerfold, were desirable. Not someone my age, my size and with my big saggy pendulous tits. I’ve since learned two things… there are people (men and women) who are turned on by someone like me, and that sex, attraction and desirability start in the brain, not the body. Still, old habits and attitudes die hard.

But today, I felt both beautiful and sexy…okay, maybe not beautiful, but I felt pretty and that’s a start.

I wore a long navy blue sundress (with nothing underneath), my long hair down, and gold hoop earrings. This dress is comfortable except for one thing. Keeping the straps on my shoulders. But then I realized that could work to my advantage. The bodice of the dress is lacy and low cut and shows my cleavage, at least some. But when the straps fall down over my shoulders, the neckline lowers even more, showing more of my cleavage and my boobs. What if the straps drop even lower and my “bosoms pop out” (to paraphrase Madonna in the movie “A League of Their Own”). And they did… And I kind of liked that look and I definitely liked how it felt.

I imagined standing there as my dress slid down even further until it dropped to the floor and pooled around me feet and I stood there in deliciously nakedness, submissive in every way before my honored Dom. Oh, my fantasies….









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