Tack Bra

The first time I read about a tack bra, I thought.. “no fucking way!!” But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued with the idea I became. I decided before I judged whether I like it or not, I should try it out. So took an old bra that I never wore anymore and I cut it apart. That probably was a mistake, the first of many, because I’m sure it would have worked better if I had left it intact. I then found some silver thumbtacks I had and used a old styrofoam wig head that I had left over from my chemo days… I put the cups of the bra over the styrofoam head and pushed the thumbtacks into the bra cups… much better than using my leg as a brace. I covered both bra cups with silver tacks and it looked pretty good if I do say so myself. But I started worrying about the tacks falling out and finding them in the floor the hard way.. by stepping on them. Not the kind of pain was going for.

I decided I’d put a layer of glue over the tops of the tacks.. that should keep them there. That was mistake number two. Glue has a lot of water in it and water makes metal tacks get all rusty. But I wouldn’t discover that until a few weeks later. Mistake number three is that the glue didn’t work all that well anyway. So I ended covering the tops of the tacks (and the glue) with clear packing tape. While not particularly attractive, tack bra cups were functional.

After the cups were done, I was ready to try them out. Then it dawned on me… how was I going to keep them on? THAT’s why I should have kept the old bra intact. In the end, I stuffed each cup inside the cup of another bra. And that worked well.. for a while. Until the tacks rusted and I was uneasy about using them.

But I discovered that I loved feeling the tacks against my breasts, especially over my nipple. It didn’t take me long to realize that I really was more of masochist than I realized (another discovery was that I was a bit of an exhibitionist too). If anyone had told me that I was either one of these a few years ago, I would have said they were nuts. But I didn’t think I was a submissive either, so what do I know?

After I had to throw the old rusty tack bra cups away, I planned to make a new set, or a whole bra. One problem was that I rarely wear bras anymore and I wasn’t about to spent $45 on a new bra just to stick tacks into it. So I tried to think of alternatives.

I finally came up with a new idea. I love putting sandpaper over my nipples too (face it, I love tit torture), so I cut circles of rough sandpaper and made them into a bit of a cup. Then I pushed the tacks through that so that points were on the same side as the sand. I covered that back with more clear packing tape. These worked out very well, they are easy and cheap to make, so inexpensive that it’s no problem when I have to toss them out and make more. I can put these into the cups of my old bra; the only reason I wear a bra anymore, or I can use craft duct tape (in my favorite purple color) or medical tape to tape them my boobs. Mmm…. hurts so good.1tacktitsout1tacktitsin




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