Erotic Story

Cuffs and Ball Gag in a Hotel Room

I walked in the room before him and 30 seconds after the door is closed, I hear his voice… just one word. “Strip”.

I start to turn to face him and he says, “No, your back to me… pull your dress up slowly.”

He knows I am not wearing any underwear. I have been forbidden to do so for months.

I slowly pull up my dress to reveal my naked behind, up slowly over my back and until my arms are extended above my head and my dress is above me. “Stop”, he growls.

I hold the dress over my head and it is quickly growing heavy and my arms getting tired. Of course, he knows this.

“Drop the dress to your feet, but keep your arms raised.” I do so and my arms start to shake from fatigue. After what seems like hours, but is just a few minutes, he tells me to lower my arms and put my wrists together behind my back. Before I know it he has my wrists handcuffed together, not with my usual cuffs, but with X-shaped bracelet cuffs. In my normal cuffs there is a chain between the bracelets which allows my shoulders to relax a bit. Not so with these. They pull tight behind me and force my breasts out more so than normal.

I attempt to turn my head to look at him but before I can, he grabs my hair at the back of head, keeping my head still.


Quickly, he forces the ball of a ball gag into my mouth, deeper than I usually do on myself and cinches the belt tightly around my head. It feels like he has gone past the last hole in the buckle and has forced a new one in the leather belt. I gag with the ball so deep in my mouth and try to force it out with my tongue, but I’m unable to do so. I start to panic a little. I’ve never been a big fan of gags, I agree to them to please him. He loves ball gags on me, especially when I start to drool.

I am now naked, and cuffed and gagged… his favorite look on me. He is standing behind me, and I can feel his breathe on my neck and in my ear. He reaches around and cups one of my breasts in one hand and grasps the nipple of the other with his other hand. He squeezes and pulls and I gasp and moan and rest my head back on his shoulder. “We are just beginning, Baby…” he whispers in my ear and I feel chills go up my spine. He releases my boobs and steps back and gives my ass a couple of swats. These are hard and I can tell he has left two read handprints on my butt. He is leaving his mark on me.

He slowly pulls me back by the arm to the bed and instructs me to straddle the corner of the bed, with my legs spread far apart. I obey. It never occurs to me to do otherwise. “Spread your legs further” and I do.

He then places the black satin blindfold over my eyes. It’s a good thing he knows me so well… my body language, my sounds, because I have no way to indicate a safeword… I cannot speak, gesture and use my eyes to communicate. Again, I begin to panic. If it had been anyone else, I’m not sure I would trust so well. But I do, and I start to relax. I know he would never hurt me. This is as much for me, maybe even more for me than it is for him. Not to say he isn’t enjoying every single minute.

I can hear him dragging a chair to another part of the room. When you are silent and blind, your hearing becomes much more acute.

Again, what seems like an eternity, but is probably no more than a few minutes, he grabs me by the hair on the back of my head and hauls me to my feet. He pulls me in the direction he wants me to go and I follow as best I can, having no choice in the matter. I can feel us turn a corner and then stop and put his hands on my shoulders turns me around and pushes me back wards until he finally says “Stop”. I can feel the chair he pulled over behind my legs.

“Back up slowly, until you are straddling the chair,” he says softly. I do as I’m told. I feel him reach around me and releases the wrist bracelets.

“Put your hands over your head again, Baby” and again I do as I’m told. This time he hooks on one bracelet on one wrist and then the other on the other, my familiar hand cuffs.

“Keep your hands straight up!”

Quickly I feel him threading a rope around the chain that is attached to both cuffs and cinches it up and around a wood rod above me. Suddenly I am aware that I am in a closet. Again, I start to panic, and he senses that immediately.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to close the door..” he knows one of my biggest fears. I start to relax again.

I am now standing there, straddling a chair, hands cuffed and tied over my head, blindfolded and gagged, and wondering what is coming next. It’s not long before I find out. My ankles are soon tied to the back legs of the chair, spread far enough apart that my legs will get very tired very soon. Still not sure what his objective is, but I’m in no position to ask, or to object.

Next he grabs one tit and pulls the nipple out and clamps a nipple clamps on tightly and I gasp in pain. He repeats the procedure on the other. While I enjoy nipple clamps there are two times when it’s the most painful… going on and coming off. This set has a chain that hooks the two clamps together and it usually just rest gracefully between my breasts. Not this time. I feel him pull on the chain, pulling up on it which of course pulls my nipples up with it and I instinctively rise up on my toes. I can hear and feel him tying another rope around the nipple clamp chain and then tying that to the wooden rod in the closet. The he adds the set of weighted nipple clamps on each nipple just below the other set. This set is not connected, but they each have magnetic weights that can be added to pull down on the nipples and increase the pain. So I have one set pulling up and one set pulling down. My tits are already getting pretty painful, my arms are getting sore and my thighs and calves are getting tired. But he’s not finished yet.

I can now feel that he has set the penis dildo with the suction cup attached to the chair. This thing is huge!! And I’ve never had it all the way inside of me yet. I’ve never met a man with a cock even close to this size. And I suddenly realize what predicament that he has set up for me. In order to keep my tits from hurting too much I must stay up on my toes. In order to relax my legs, I have to lower my cunt over the dildo until it stretches and fills me completely, and give into the nipple pain as it is stretched both up and down by both set of clamps.

He is sitting a few feet away from me, watching… occasionally getting up to add another magnetic weight to the lower nipple clamps. My legs are shaking, my calves are getting cramps, I’m drooling down my chin and onto my breasts. My pussy is getting lower and lower onto the dildo which is starting fill my vagina deeper and stretching me out more than ever before, my nipples are screaming in pain and tears are running down my cheeks under the blindfold. And I couldn’t be happier.

You know, I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist before, but the more I think about it, the more l like the idea of being watched…


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