Books About Domination and submission

These are just some of the books about D/s that I’ve read, many of them are novels.

Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix
The Submissive Series by Tara Sue Me
Darling Discovered by Mrs. Darling
A Is For… (The BDSM Checklist) so far just A, B, C and D
Submission at the Tower by Felicity Brandon
Best Sex Writing of the Year
Tie Me Up: A Binding Collection of Erotica by F. Leonora Soloman
BDSM: 60 Days of Submission by John and Abbey Pointer
Socrates Inspires Cherry to Blossom by Red Phoenix
Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission by DL King and Rose Caraway
Reform School Sex by Penelope Syn
Ivan’s Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn


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