Sex Altar

This was posted on several Pagan groups on Facebook. Not surprising, to some, it was considered “obscene”. When I first starting studying and practicing Paganism, sex and nudity was a big part of our practice. These days so many former prudish Christians have abandoned their Christian churches and embraced Pagan traditions, but still brought those prudish anti-sex attitudes with them. I’m always amazed at the conservative Christian attitudes about sex…. they condemn it, but are so focused on it, it’s all they talk about and think about, while finding fault at the same time. While forgetting that sex is the reason they exist in the first place. I got so tired of being told that sex has its place… in the dark, under the covers and only to create babies… and god forbid that you actually enjoy it. Well, men are allowed to enjoy, because that’s how they are wired, poor things. But women? No way! And once your baby making days are over, sex needs to be over too. Sorry, I no longer buy into that.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s needed. So I love this altar with all of the sexual symbolism….. the glass phallic dildo, the cucumber (the author said she meditated with the cucumber inside of her… her post was immediately deleted by the group owner… how scandalous!) The shell representative of the vulva. And the Goddess herself.. which, to me, represents all women.

I love this altar and everything is embodies.



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