Tit Torture

I’m not sure why I find it interesting, in fact I was kind of surprised when I did. The guy who introduced this to me first told me to put clothespins in my nipples and I did while he watched on a web cam. It hurt like hell, but I realized I loved him watching me while I did it and it made me very excited.

I then moved to nipple clamps and just recently got some fishing weights to add to the clamps.

I love tacks on my tits and made a tack bra. But also love just putting tacks on the table and being pushed down on them, or tacks put on clear packing tape and then pushed down on them and pulling the tape up around me.

I also love wax play. I see a lot of things on various site, such as Tumblr and blogs, that I would like to try, like breast bondage.

I don’t think I could handle needles and nails or any kind of piercing or cutting on my tits or nipples. Branding.. I’m not sure.

So those would be my limits for now. But I’ve had other things that I thought were hard limits and once I got use to the idea they stopped being that.