Tack Bra

I first learned about tack bras from a blog called Under His Hand. Sadly, due to a family tragedy, her blog no longer exists.

But these pictures are from her blog and have been reproduced on various sites and included these directions on to make a tack bra:

“Cut 4 bra cup sized circles from leather. Push tacks through one piece of leather. Once you have them through, use glue/tape other piece of leather over the backs of the tacks so they cannot be pushed back. This will form nice padding and looks like this:”


There are many ways of making a tack bra, from using an old bra or two old bras to using a circle of leather, to my idea of disposable tack cups that either can inserted in a normal bra or just taped to your tits…

Mine are made with circles of sandpaper, tacks pushed through and then clear packing tape over the top to ensure the tacks stay put. Easy and cheap and can be tossed when needed.

I’ve also seen people use two bras, one slightly bigger than the other, the tacks put in the smaller bra and then inserted inside of the larger bra and sewn together. I admit that looks better. I’ve seen others who use the same method I did but used duct tape for the base instead of sandpaper.

Another site suggested gluing in the tacks on the bra and that’s what I tried for my first one. I learned the hard way  to make sure the tacks are rust proof because the water in most Elmer’s type glues will rust the tacks and I didn’t think that was very safe.

A lot of people are afraid of tack bras because they think they will draw blood from the tacks piercing the skin. But I’ve been wearing them for 4 years and I’ve never had that happen. I do get lots of wonderful red dots from the points, but not blood. I love the feeling of wearing these… and I didn’t think I would when I first saw them. It took me a while to warm up the idea but once I saw them I could get them out of my head and knew I had to try them. I’m so glad that I did.



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